Dununa reverse linked to recent ritual murders

Dununa reverse linked to recent ritual murders


Dear Watchdog Editor,

The song “Duduna reverse” which the PF is dancing to is a result of ritual murders committed in the recent past. From impeccable sources, the popularity of the song bears it from the recent ritual killings where sacrifices needed to make it draw the much needed public attention were made, as it is doing now. The scheme was nurtured prior to the campaigns and fully-funded, and supported by powers that be. It’s a pity that as Zambians, we have short memories- but it’s all what the rituals meant to achieve. There was a glimpse of news that appeared in the recent past concerning some musicians involved in ritual killings. That was a tip of an iceberg – it was successfully thwarted by the necessary arms of the current regime, but it actually was true. The rituals were meant to benefit not only campaign songs but other areas of driving the campaigns towards winning the elections.

The readership of this letter should go wide to afford all electorates an opportunity to make an informed decision when casting that ballot on 11th August 2016. The truth of the matter is that voting for the regime will be under the influence of satanic forces. The devil has been a major player in these elections than ever before – and as citizens who claim to be Christians , we need to be united against the devil who has gone to the extent of compromising a few Christians and men of the white collar. The call for national prayers and timing of venue as well as the speech, was all part of the schemes developed with the dark forces, and in a foreign country.

Nonetheless, there are true men of the church who have taken it upon themselves to pray for our beloved country and redeem it from the dark forces. The campaigns have been assailed with the spirits of those that were sacrificed during the ritual killings. Isn’t it little wonder that to-date no one has been publicly prosecuted over the loss of the so many lives? ZAMBIA WAKE UP AND REDEEM YOURSELF ON 11th AUGUST 2016.

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