Duty of importing cars too high


Ba Watchdog, kindly hide my name and help me pass this complaint. The government of Lungu is heartless and cruel, surely how do they increase duty for second hand cars imported from Japan to such exaggerated figures? The system ZRA uses for car duty is in itself exploitative, in Zambia we don’t assemble cars, even the few showrooms we have are very expensive for an ordinary Zambian to go and get a car from there, 80% if not 90% of Zambians can’t afford to buy a car straight from the showrooms, most Zambians can only afford those second hand cars from Japan or Singapore. Most car dealers are now out of business, most cars are stuck cuz their duty is too high. Please Ba Watchdog, help tell ba ZRA to revise or revert back to the old system of paying duty for for imported cars, the new system is not only exploitative but also stealing even the little from a poor Zambian. I know people have not openly complained about car duties at the border but typical of Zambians even when something like this duty issue isn’t making sense people will keep quiet as if everything is okay that’s why we are easily exploited.

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