DW Media warns dictators, as 29 Zambian radio stations threatened with closure

DW Media warns dictators, as 29 Zambian radio stations threatened with closure

Germany’s DW Director General Peter Limbourg has warned despots, autocrats and dictators to stop oppressing freedom of expression as world bodies will endeavour to put a halt to this but in Zambia, Africa’s emerging dictator Edgar Lungu wants 29 radio stations which host people critic to his autocratic rule shut down.

 Limbourg sounded the stern warning in Bonn, Germany during the official opening of the 10th Global Media Conference under the theme ‘Identity and diversity’ yesterday. He noted that freedom of expression was under threat by autocrats and dictators who did not want to tolerate criticism but that their violations would not last forever.

While the conference is going on in Germany, back here in Zambia Africa’s emerging dictator and Edgar Lungu who just met another dictator, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame has directed the notorious Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA to shut down 29 radio stations scattered all over the country and perceived to be accommodating divergent views.

The shutting down of the 29 media houses is a continued exercise by Lungu to instil fear in any media house from hosting people that are opposed to his narrow mindedness and only remain with vuvuzelas to praise him.

In May Mpika community radio station refused to host United Progressive Party president saviour Chishimba on a platform that he had paid for because the radio station feared that their license would be revoked. As Lungu perpetuates this dictatorship on the media, bodies like Media institute for Southern Africa – MISA Zambia have completely remained silent because the leadership headed by corrupt Hellen Mwale swims in Lungu’s money.

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