Each and every criticism PF has received has a solution

1. People have said Zesco has failed the Zambian people hence they need a competitor.
2. We have just been exporting copper then why cant we diversify to Agriculture as an alternative of reducing the pressure which is causing kwacha to be on a free fall.
3. Depute ministers are not part of the cabinet so there is no need of having 2 depute ministers in each and every ministry.
4. People have called for a new constitution which will not allow bye elections but the government has continued to delay it as a result we have bye elections every month.
5. We have always given money to a South African company which has been printing our barrot papers when we have government printers here.
6. We have our own farmers but we always buy tomatoes and other vegetable from South Africa, Why cant our farmers be given chance to start supplying vegetables like cabbage, rape etc to pick n pay, Spar, Shoprite, Game stores etc
Only those who are blind cant see solutions in some of these critics no wonder i miss Mwanawasa He was rely a Man.
Godwin Lungu

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