Each parliamentary bye-election costs K3billion-ECZ

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- says up-to 3-billion kwacha is spent on every parliamentary by-election held in the country.

ECZ Spokesperson Chris Akufuna says the amount Zambia spends on a by-election ranges from one to three point five billion kwacha.

He said the amount depends on the locality and size of the constituency.

Mr. Akufuna added that the number of polling stations in a constituency also matters.

The country has so far this year held four parliamentary by-elections.

These include Chifubu in Ndola, Luena in Mongu, Milanzi in Katete and Mufumbwe in the North-Western Province.

A by-election in Mpulungu will be held next month while the Chilanga seat is pending.


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