Earth tremous persist in Mbala

By Ernest Mwape

Chozi Residents in chief Nsokolo in Mbala are worried that continuous earth tremous being experienced in the area might cause damage to property and life.

Chozi MMD ward councilor Stanly Simukoko said Saturday that residents were apprehensive about tremous that first hit Chozi on December 6, and occurred 5 times in succession.

He said tremous have continued up to date and are occurring 3 to 4 times on a daily basis creating fear among residents.

He said that although no damage has been recorded so far, people were worried as this was the first time the area is experiencing tremous. He said people were worried that the tremous may weaken the foundations of houses due to vibrations.

He appealed to the meteorological department to send in a team of experts to the area and assess what is really going on and explain to the people.

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