Earthquake in Zambia

Earthquake in Zambia

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 05.50.25An earthquake with magnitude 4.6 occurred near Kariba, in Chirundu at 03:05:26.10 UTC on Jan 9, 20, according to the USA Geological survey.

The mild earthquake struck across Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The tremor was felt in most parts of Lusaka and Southern province of Zambia. No casualties or damage to property had been recorded by 08 hours local time but might be   recorded later.

There has been several such earthquakes in the region and apparently they have been increasing in frequency.

The most powerful occurred in February 2006 in which at least two Mozambicans died and 13 injured. According to the BBC, the 2006   earthquake had a magnitude of 7.5. The quake struck central Mozambique at midnight local time and was also felt in several neighbouring countries including Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It was, according to the BBC, the most powerful earthquake in the area for more than a century.

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