East PF back Sampa, accuse newcomers of hijacking PF

East PF back Sampa, accuse newcomers of hijacking PF

SeveralDora Siliya PF symbol Patriotic Front members in Eastern Province say they are in total solidarity with Miles Sampa’s decision to resign from the government.

Sampa, who is also Matero member of parliament, resigned from his position as commerce deputy minister last week.

The PF members, in a statement signed by PF Kapata ward aspiring candidate Esau Zulu, stated that people should have principles and morals in doing things.

“Our President is definitely being misled by those advising him to treat the new entries into the party with a lot of appreciation than old members. Some of the members have totally been thrown out into the political graveyard. We have people like Dr Guy Scott, who worked hard with late president [Michael] Sata to ensure that the PF formed government, but whatever he could have done after the death of Sata, he is not supposed to be treated the way he is being treated,” Zulu stated.

The PF members stated that there were several people who worked with Sata in building the PF, including Emmanuel Chenda, Wylbur Simuusa, Robert Sichinga and Eric Chanda, who is now president of the Fourth Revolution Party.

“Here in Eastern Province, we have the first elected provincial chairperson Lucas Phiri, who has been totally thrown out; Lameck Mangani who contributed a lot to the growth of the party in the province. These people do not deserve the treatment they are being subjected to,” read the statement in part.

“As a result of all these things, we strongly feel the PF has been hijacked by newcomers. We feel disappointed now because there is a wrong notion that the PF came into existence after the election of our beloved President Edgar Lungu. People want to believe that whatever happened in our ten years in opposition and three years of president Michael Sata’s reign were all useless. It is in this vein that we support what Hon Miles Sampa has done.”

And former PF member Jacob Sakala said he decided to defect to UPND because of the mistreatment they were receiving from the ruling party.

“What is happening is very bad; real members are being frustrated. Surely, is it fair to mistreat real PF members? I sacrificed a lot during the 2011 campaigns, but I was heavily neglected…people who fought for the party should never be neglected,” said Zulu.

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