Easten Chiefs refuse to join fight against Tongas

Chief Nzanane tells Sakala to be careful

Eastern Province Chiefs have breathed fire following careless outbursts by Zambia Direct Democracy Leader, Edwin Sakala that UPND is a party for Tongas and Chiefs in Eastern province must ban it including Tongas from living there.

Eastern Chiefs, through senior chief Nzamane describes the whole plan to ban UPND and Tongas in that province as stupid adding that Edwin Sakala he, himself is a tribalist.

The Chief says UPND has people from Northern and Eastern provinces and wondered how the ZDDM leader would begin advocating for its banning including Tongas in Eastern province.

He says no Chief will allow such a move as Zambia is a unitary state.

The senior Chief also says Sakala should take his stupidity to his chiefdom of origin adding that even there Chief Misholo will not allow such nonsense of fighting Tongas and banning UPND.

Senior chief Nzamane also says Sakala must go back to school and learn political science because at the moment just like Lungu and Daily Nation Newspaper owner Richard Sakala he has lost brains.

Edgar Lungu using Richard Sakala who is owner of Daily Nation Newspaper and his brother Edwin Sakala have launched a tribal and civil war against the Tonga people of southern province but resident in Eastern province.

The trio have since started planning to also deregister UPND and kill anyone supporting it in Eastern province.

Lungu wanted to use this idiot called Sakala to begin the tribal and civil war by telling Chiefs from Eastern province to chase all Tongas there but according to the audio we have received, the Chiefs through senior chief Nzamane have blasted Lungu, Richard Sakala and Edwin Sakala over their stupid tribal war.

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