Eastern B PMC stealing money from clerks

Dear Editor,
please hide my name and email address. I do believe that Zambian watchdog is the only voice for the voiceless and oppressed people like me.

I am deeply concerned with the way the Provincial Marketing Cordinator (PMC) for Eastern B Mr. Frank Mwape and the accountant mr. Emmanuel Mphande have been treating Depot clerks in petauke,nyimba,cinda and katete. Mr Mwape current food reserve agency (FRA) pmc for eastern B,which covers Katete, Sinda, Petauke and Nyimba districts has taken FRA as his private company.His office is in Petauke. These two men have been stealing from depot clerks. Last year he instructed his friend Mr Mphande who happens to be the accountant for eastern B to give clerks k250 for the month of November instead of k2300.

He has a tendency of giving full wages to clerks who are related to OP officials to shut them up and clerks whom he has been using as sex objects. This year Mr. Mwape has also stollen transport and upkeep allowances from clerks. Clerks are entitled to transport and upkeep allowance reaching a total amount of k500 but we were given k100 each as transport and upkeep allowance. Please Zambian watchdog expose these people because we have suffered too much. This is just the start of this year’s marketing season.If you expose these people now,then us clerks will have a good season this year. its so painful to know that we are in field where we have no food because of two people. please please expose these two men. Thank you

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