Eastern province PF chair siphoning money from FRA

Dear Editor,

Kindly hide my identity,

FRA employees, Ministry of Agriculture employees working with Andrich Freight and Logistics Proprietor Andrew
Lubusha who is also PF Eastern Province Chairperson are busy syphoning money through Forgery and Fraudulent False Accounting which is contrary to section 342 and 326 of the Penal code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
Information has it that Mr Andrew Lubusha working in collaboration with the said officers whilst transporting maize from Mugubudu issued fake Produce Received Notes (PRN) and Goods Received Notes (GRN) to farmers purporting to have supplied maize to FRA when in fact not on the other hand The PF Chairperson together with the said workers
issued fake dispatch and delivery notes purporting that the maize was being transported from Lundazi FRA depots when in fact note the maize was being ferried from Mugubudu in Chipata District.

There is also information that the PF Chairperson on dates unknown but between December 1, 2015 and March 31 this year obtained  US$283, 230 from the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) by false pretenses. The PF Chairperson has on number of times made claims for refunds from FRA purporting that he did not collect the maize when he did.

We urge our investigative wings to get to the bottom of this, there is a lot of money at stake ending up in the Chairpersons hands and simply because he is the PF boss in eastern province OP, DEC and POLICE as well as ACC can not touch him . Editor expose this scam before innocent employees are arrested for his offences.


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