Eastern province PS starts bribing voters

Dear Editor

In order to influence the outcome of the Kasenengwa and Vubwi by-elections, the PF government has again resorted to criminality by flouting the Electoral Act.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Mr Mulenga, who is a civil servant and by law is not supposed to engage in politics, is in the two constituencies handing out cash, ploughs and ox-driven carts to people his government has made poor.

Property of all the people of Zambia, which is not supposed to be used for any one political party’s campaigns, a government vehicle registration  number GRZ 552 BV (White Toyota Landcruiser) was spotted in Vubwi Constituency being used to commit these illegalities.

How then can these elections be free and fair when the PF is clearly rigging the political playing field using such dirty acts? Maybe, just maybe, we should have elections all the time everywhere so that citizens, using this approach, can, all the time, receive cash and other such necessities for their livelihoods from the government.

Note that this is partly how the PF is creating violence in election areas. Let us remain united as one people. We may belong to different political parties but we are all one, we are all citizens of one Zambia. With unity, the peaceful, prosperous  and harmonious Zambia that we seek shall soon become a reality.

Damiano Phiri

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