Easterners advised to wake from slumber

The people of Eastern province have been advised to reject the MMD by voting for the PF/UPND pact candidate in the Milanzi parliamentary by-election because the party has failed the country.
Commenting on the forthcoming parliamentary by-election, An Mpika resident Cyprian Mulenga said the people of Milanzi should not give MMD another chance because it lacks vision.
Mulenga called on easterners to wake up from slumber and start reading signs of change and not cling on to the ruling party.
He advised easterners to discard the legacy of always wanting to remain behind when people in other regions have changed their minds about the ruling party.
Mulenga said the MMD should not be permitted to retain the Milanzi seat because the party has failed the nation in all aspects while noting that the continuous ZNBC radio blackout and poor TV reception are some of the MMD’s failures as people have the right to be informed..
He added that the ruling party is not serious because it cannot allow the switching off national radio and pretend all is well.

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