Easterners also complain about power outages, as Sata heads to Brazil for energy conference

As President Michael Sata leads a ‘high powered delegation of relatives in the name of energy experts’ to Brazil to attend the energy conference, Zanis reports that Chipata residents have appealed to government to find a lasting solution to Zesco’s continued power outages.

Among the ‘energy experts’ in Sata’s delegation are Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM)’s wife Chama Mwamba and Sally Yamba, wife to Secretary to the Treasurer, Fredson Yamba.

Sally Yamba is sister to Dr. Christine Kaseba, Sata’s wife. Others on Zambian tax-payers expenses are leaders of PF satellite political parties, FDD president Edith Nawakwi and Narep president Elias Chipimo jr.

Speaking on behalf of other residents, Christopher Kangwa of Mchini

Compound, told Zanis that was need for government to seriously find a lasting solution to the continued power blackouts as they negatively affect the economic growth of the district.

The residents expressed their displeasure in a walk-in interview to ZANIS in Chipata today.

And Simon Jere, another resident, said Chipata district was badly hit with the blackouts as no explanations are made by the power utility company as to when the problem would come to an end.

Mr Jere observed that the situation was scaring away investors and if remedial measures are not found immediately, this should be taken as a wakeup call for the ministry responsible to quickly work on modalities of normalizing the situation.

He stated that it was sad that the situation has persisted, adding that the district was also subjected to load shedding whish was not also properly communicated to the people.

He stated that the era of power performance was long gone, saying the residents expect Zesco, like all sector in government, to improve their work culture.

Zesco last month said the power utility had received equipment meant to improve power supply in Chipata district.

Regional Manager Wilbroad Chanda, promised that once installed, capacitor banks would enhance power supply by the end of June.

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