Easterners don’t vote for tribe – Andrew Banda

Easterners don’t vote for tribe – Andrew Banda


Not even tribe will save President Edgar Lungu in 2016, says Andrew Banda.
Speaking on Feel Free FM radio’s Face to Face programme in Chipata on Thursday evening, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, who hails from Muchinga but is married to an Easterner, said it was shameful for Easterners to reject President Lungu the way they rejected Rupiah Banda.

“It’s so shameful that the province where their own is in the driver’s seat, they are the ones who have issues and we are noting, very steadily so. The people of Eastern Province, we are watching you,” said Mumbi. “Already, one of your own (Banda) only ruled for three years and we are watching you! I am coming from Muchinga where Kenneth Kaunda was born, his umbilical cord was buried there, we put brains from Muchinga, he ruled this country for 27 years.
Frederick Chiluba came from Luapula, he finished his term, Levy Mwanawasa ruled for eight years, it’s death which came…Michael Sata, the same. Now you, Rupiah Banda is still alive, you again want to reject your own Edgar Lungu!”

But Andrew, who is Banda’s son, said Easterners, like any other Zambians, would always reject people who caused them suffering.
“Her statement is a confession that they have lost the ground. I have done my research and I have been told that the mood wasn’t good and they are panicking. Fertiliser is now K400, there are expensive commodities in shops, lack of jobs, lack of leadership and so on. So that is what is annoying people. Easterners are not stupid to start praising the President because he is from Eastern Province and yet the things that affect the economy are going the other direction. So it is not right for Mumbi to be bringing in the tribal tag in this,” he said.

Andrew said the PF were dreaming if they thought they would get votes on the basis of tribe.

“For Mumbi to start saying she wants to change her children’s names, that’s her own business, maybe she is playing chimbuya. But when it comes to Easterners voting for their own man, I don’t believe that that is correct, that is dictatorial, it is tribalistic. What we want is a Zambian that will turn the economy of this country around so that every Zambian can live a decent life the way they used to live a decent life after independence. Who is she to start watching Easterners? Watching who? And for what? Ndise bana ba nyoko? Let them be drunk with the idea that they will win in Eastern Province, Luapula Province, in Lusaka, Muchinga and the Copperbelt, they are dreaming,” he said.

Andrew observed that the PF were being hypocritical on tribalism.
“They are the same people who labelled the big man a tribalist and now they have turned around because it suits them; that’s hypocrisy. What has changed all of a sudden? Easterners were warned before to say don’t vote on the basis of tribe, region but base your vote on the qualities any Zambian you want to lead this country has. The PF are the biggest tribalists,” he said.
Andrew said Easterners were suffering with the rest of the country following the increase in prices of commodities.

“What is pertaining in Eastern Province is exactly what is happening everywhere. There is no cheap mealie-meal, soap or bread because Edgar Lungu comes from Eastern Province, no! It affects all Zambians. So she is dreaming that they can get votes based on tribal inclinations,” said Andrew.

“Personally, I have nothing against Edgar Lungu as a person but I just don’t believe that he is the right man to rule this country, therefore I don’t support him. Maybe as a lawyer, he has the capacity to add something to this nation but definitely not as a president. The problems we are facing today are due to lack of leadership.”

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