Easterners used as punch bags- Edwin Sakala

Atten: of Senior Chief Nzamane
The Chairman
Eastern Province Royal Foundation

Bayete Nkosi ,
I write to express utmost displeasure at the level of reactiveness on issues raised before the Eastern Province Royal Establishment regarding the suffering of eminent persons that hail from the province. Just to freshen up your, I want to bring to your attention some of the persons that suffered at the hands of previous governments. Under the first republic, there were people like Benny Zulu, Ackson Soko, and a Mr. Elisha Banda whose death remains a mystery to mention but a few individuals.
Under the late Dr. Frederick Chiluba and Levy Mwanawasa, we had Richard Sakala who was convicted for not committed a crime, Ronald Penza ,Davy Sakala who was Times of Zambia Deputy Editor ,Chief Inspector Golden Chazanga Sakala who was officer in charge at State House itself and Paul Tembo whose deaths also still remain a mystery. And under the Patriotic Front Government, we have Dola Siliya, Maxwell Mwale, and Chief Jumbe who are being persecuted. And now, we don’t know who will be the next victim on the line of the people earmarked for punishment.
You remember your royal highness that, not long time ago I had written a letter to the Royal highnesses through your care as the chairperson regarding these issues. Our attention was deliberately skewed to bring to focus the political persecution. We particularly informed the EPRE about the regional politics and how our people in the province are being abused. For example, we bring to your attention how paramount chief Mpenzeni, Sebastian Zulu, Chabwera, George Zulu are being used to fight their own brothers and sisters.
And finally we bring to your attention the concept of trying to defend former republican president Rupiah Bwezani Banda whom the PF government wants to put behind bars. The issue which led to his arrest was by one of our brothers George Zulu who lied that, RB’s government misappropriated money from the Nigerian Oil deal. But what is coming from trial are suggestive that, the man is being persecuted for not committing a crime. All the testimony given against him does not link him to the case.
Instead of the EPRE to send a team of elders to mitigate his case, everybody is just watching and we have left everything regarding him to fate. When Chiluba was being persecuted by late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa , we heard elders from the Bemba Royal Establishment made noise at State House about the persecution. But this is not the case with our man, the reason I don’t know. The question I have always wanted you to answer your royal highness is which forward do you suggest .Why do we as easterners find it difficulties to defend ourselves each time we are faced with a problem such as the one we are faced with the arrest of Rupiah Banda?
Rupiah Banda is the son of the land and if we fail to defend him this time around on fabricated charges and he fall victim of the Mockery of justice similar to the one Richard Sakala suffered, we will be the ones to blame. It is high time we started to work together and begin to defend our own brothers and sisters who are craftily put in trouble. I urge you therefore your Royal Highness to remobilizes your people to defend our brothers and sisters being persecuted by this PF government. Time to look at what people will say after we defend ourselves should not be issues. We are not going to be the first people to defend ourselves. Why should this be an issue when it comes to us to defend people of our kind?
I therefore direct to direct you your highness to ensure that there is coordination in the province and defend our people from the hands of the government. We should not allow the image of the people whose reputation has grown to so high to go to waste.
Nkosi what is very painful to most Zambians and Easterners in particular is that government is very quick at painting a criminal picture of our people while individuals facing serious criminal charges in court and those already found guilty by courts of law are appointed to very influential positions in the system.
A very good example is that of Mr. Mutembo Nchito, a man who was found guilt of forging court judgment and also facing allegations of fraudulently obtaining taxpayer’s money from the Development Bank of Zambia, NAPSA, Finance Bank etc now in the forefront of the RB case. Most of us already have an idea of the outcome which will be the same as that suffered by innocent people like Richard Sakala.
We are aware that anybody who has spoken out on the Nchito case has suffered consequences as he seems to enjoy a special protection from President Michael Sata.
We were not surprised that the President acted swiftly on the allegations raised against Copper belt Police chief because she is an Easterner. This can not be disputed because he has failed to act on straight forward allegations such at the payment of $5OO million for fuel worth less than half the amount. Zambians have been crying out for the truth to come out of this payment but as usual the PF is quite. Had it been an Easterner involved the outcome would have been different.
Finally, I beg to be forgiveness if my appeal to you has gone over the board. It’s only that, I want you to cause sanity in the way we treat and protect ourselves in the province as a people. I pray and hope that you will understand the perspective I am coming from.
Yours sincerely
Edwin Sakala

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