Economists association leader scoffs at UPND policies

Economists association leader scoffs at UPND policies

Economics Association of Zambia president Lubinda Haabazoka scoffs at UPND economic policies.

He writes

I have been following debate from our newly found economic analysts. They are all hoping the IMF will help reboot the economy post COVID. What is worrying is that they hope that after the IMF package, youths will get jobs, government will provide jobs, electricity tariffs will reduce, fuel pump prices will fall, free education up to university and all this under reduced taxes for SMEs, reduced mine taxes, etc.

Fellow economic analysts, the moment you understand political economics, we will start falling one by one and start supporting home grown solutions.

First of all you will line up to explain why fuel prices should increase (by the way, market reflective fuel pump prices should be at k21 per litre for petrol).

Then you will line up to say why we need to cut FISP (this year alone, k5.6bn earmarked for this exercise)

Then you will ask that it’s important to increase mealie meal prices high to reduce government spending.

Then you will come out to explain a lot of things.

One thing authorities should do is to look at domestic solutions for our economic problems. Trust me, after a year, we shall revisit the many ideas that some of us have shared with this country.

Our population has no patience and as such, the authorities should immediately start implementing all possible interventions from a variety of institutions and individuals because what will be left in the near future will be enhancing the narrative as time might elapse…


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