Economy worse than years preceding MMD collapse – Ngwira

Economy worse than years preceding  MMD collapse – Ngwira


For the past two weeks, I have been moving around in different places to find out how people feel about PF and the current leadership, to my surprise among the ordinary Zambians that I visited no one has anything nice to say about PF.

I remember in 2010 and 2011, the last two years of MMD in power, things were not this rough, the economy was stable, dollar was okay, mealie meal prices were at an okay. Price too.

As we speak, the Dollar is at its worst, Mealie Meal is selling for about 150 kwacha , something which is more like a punishment to Zambians because most people can’t afford this abnormal price.

The leadership is not doing what is needed to be done, especially to fix this mess, right now zambia is in a mess, our leaders have lost focus and most of them have taken Zambians for a ride.

We have a poor economy, poor education system, poor medical care , the number of unemployed citizens is sky rocketing too, youths have nowhere to ran to.

We need to hold our government accountable for all this mess, we Zambians need answers and solutions.

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