ECZ begin reorganizing polling stations

In what seems to be preparations for a pending Presidential by elections following the deteriorating health of dictator Michael Sata, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has started reorganizing polling stations country wide.

Sources close to the ECZ have told the Zambian Watchdog that the elections body has been visiting polling stations, the source added that this exercise only happens shortly before elections but could not ascertain why the ECZ had embarked upon this exercise this early.

“Yes when there is an election, we undertake tours of the polling stations where elections are being held to ascertain the physical presence and state of that station but this time around the body has began these tours and are interviewing people found at some polling stations like schools, colleges and other institutions on the condition of the station… this is strange because it looks like there is a by election in the offing,” said the source.

Officers from some named polling stations visited also confirmed having been visited by the ECZ but declined to give details on the purpose of the visit.

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