ECZ boss Chulu to be appointed Chief justice, if he rigs elections

ECZ boss Chulu to be appointed Chief justice, if he rigs elections

chuluElectoral commission of Zambia chairperson judge Essau Chulu has been promised the position of chief Justice by Edgar Lungu if he wins the August elections, to ensure Al Ghurair of Dubai  prints the ballot papers for the General elections.

According to a source within the PF, ECZ director Priscilla Isaacs has also been cheated that she will be nominated to parliament and made Justice minister should they wither the storm from the opposition and make sure the Dubai based company’s bid goes through.

The two have further been instructed that they should not accept proposals from the opposition that result from polling stations and constituencies should also be written in words.

According to the source, Judge Chulu has since started making maneuvers to discredit allegations of malpractices against Al Ghurair in Uganda.

“You will hear more from the Judge, recently he even said no evidence has come through after combing through the Uganda media and court documents concerning the recent election in that country,” she said.

Further, Lawrence Chalungumana, head of internal department at the “Red Brick” left the country on the 10th of May for Dubai leading a group of other officers where they have been meeting immediate past director general Martin Mwanambale to strategize on how best  Al Ghurair will help the PF rig the elections.

Lungu, who two days ago attended the inauguration of the Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni was scheduled to leave for Saudi Arabia to meetwith Chaulungama and other operatives but cancelled the trip after realising intense pressure expected after the dissolution of Parliament. He will however still travel to Saudi Arabia before elections.

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