ECZ calls on police to arrest Mongu and Shiwang’andu violence culprits

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has appealed to the Police to arrest the culprits behind the violence that occurred in Shiwang’andu and Mongu.
And PF cadre Sunday Chanda has claimed that the UPND provoked the Patriotic Front cadres in Mongu.
ECZ Spokesperson Chris Akufuna said the violence that is characterising the run up to the January 20 elections was unfortunate.
Akufuna has appealed to all political parties to abide by the electoral code of conduct and has further called on party leaders to discipline their cadres.
But PF cadre Sunday Chanda and Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi blamed the UPND for the violence and claimed that the UPND deliberately provoked the PF.
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has however argued that the UPND team had abided by the police instructions because Acting President Guy Scot was due to arrive at the airport and stressed that the party had respect for the Acting President.
Kamukoshi has however said that the PF Suspect who attacked UPND Trusty Siisi, a retired police officer was arrested and is in police custody. She named the culprit as Imikendo Nabiwa who was a deputy Minister in the MMD government.
Imikendo once served as Induna Imbwae under the Barotse Royal Establishment but was fired in 2004 for allegedly attempting to overthrow the Litunga.

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