ECZ claims It’s impossible to vote more than once

The Electoral Commission of Zambia says it is not possible for a person to vote more than once even if they get two or three voters’ cards during the voter registration exercise because the system will not allow them.

In an interview with the Post newspaper, ECZ public relations manager Crispin Akufuna said all those that had and want to register more than once would be traced and arrested.

“The system that we have is such that even when you go to register, you will notice that we get your details, including your fingerprints. And when that data is collected and processed, we will be able to know whether you change your face, you change whatever, we will be able to know that this is the same character who has registered more than once or twice. At that stage, you will see more arrests,” he said.

“We will be able to trace them; we will be able to get them reported to the police and arrest them. I just want to assure the public that even if one got two cards…your name appears only once at your polling station and it will not appear anywhere else.”

But if the system is so water-tight, how c0me people are able to register more than once? Is the ECZ telling the country that the security system will only work on the day of voting but can’t prevent people who have already registered to be registered again since they got all the details including finger prints?

And in a statement, the ECZ commended the Zambia Police command on the Copperbelt for arresting and prosecuting a person who was reported by online media to have registered three times as a voter.

Akufuna stated that the said person would appear in court.

He reminded citizens that it was an offence to unscrupulously register as a voter more than once, adding that one could be prosecuted if found wanting.

Akufuna called on members of the public to be alert and report any malpractice to police.


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