ECZ completes slotting PF cadres in operations

The strategic operation to have PF cadre in ECZ has been completed.
This is an operation sanctioned as usual by Priscilla Isaac and aided by two named ECZ commissioners whose names we with hold for now as we still monitoring other key roles they are playing.

ECZ will start recruitment of human resource that will be rubber stamped by names already agreed up on from this strategic plan.

PF have started hiring vehicles for ECZ at K700 per day. This is being done in each Province. On the Copper belt its been handled by another PF crook the owner of Zanji Lodge situated off Broad way road in Ndola.

These vehicles will be given to PF cadres who have been selected and will work for ECZ.

What this means is that Polling agents will not be allowed to jump on these vehicles escorting the Ballot boxes to totalling centre.
The opposition need vehicles at every polling station to escort these vehicles as they intend to pass by their command centres to swap with pre marked Ballot papers.

The polling agents must ensure that before polling station is opened
among the bundle of documents there must be ECZ form Ten which is a polling station certificate issued and signed by all agents after counting.

These PF intend to use an excuse that they do not have enough stationery in order that they can secretly alter figures and write a secrete certificate. Agents should not sign form ten before counting
is done.

Opposition must put credible and strong agents as PF intends to use intimidation. People must come to witness the counting otherwise it will be PF feast.

PF is determined to do anything against the will of majority citizens.
We will leak the names of PF cadres in each province as soon as ECZ completes recruitment.

Therefore, opposition must unite and protect the votes at all cost.

From a concerned OP.

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