ECZ continues putting PF cadres as electoral agents

ZWD pliz publish this & withdraw my identy. Im currently working with ECZ & pipo of God my heart is bleeding to see the desparation of power from PF. And here in Sioma the tension is high & selection of polling agents & the imposed returning officer a Mr Banda & da teacher called Mr Mando are very dangerous to our democratic society, they are fixing everything in favour of PF & their candidates. Where are the opposition political parties to scrutinise the process? The presiding officers who will be deployed in polling stations have been told to fill in certain forms to favour Pf and some of us who what to see transparency & respecting peoples views our lives are in danger right now. Let the district electoral officer refute this. Please ZWD see how you can help out this otherwise alot of lives here will be lost before we even go the polls & civil servants who believe in democracy are being victimised also its not things here. Concerned Citizen

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