ECZ continues sidelining opposition voters in voter registration

Ba watchdog kindly hide my ID as usual and post this for Zambian pipo.

What PF is doing is not fair at all & it wil actually make them lose next’s year election. Im part of the ECZ group that are conducting voter Registration & sensitisation,I tell you alot of pipo in these rural areas do not have NRCs especially UPND strongholds. how do u expect them to register as voters without NRCs? Let ECZ postpone its exercise & pave way for NRCs exercise or let them work togther like in 2010 So that when one finishes geting his/her NRC goes straight in other room for voter registration. Pliz help poor Zambians in making sure that NRCs exercise is done in da open & reach da remotest areas of this country koz wat have seen so far here in western province u can shed tears. Pipo suffers yet those in rural areas are the ones who actualy vote in majority. Politicians have abdone them & they depend on roots & other bush leaves 4 survival yet you have a president seated comfortably drinking JAMESON. Shame!! Oppostion parties should learn from the failures of their friends!

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