ECZ exam management worrisome

ECZ Exam Management Worrisome
Withhold my name.
I write as a concerned parent on the ongoing G 7 Exams , the round two of malpractice has continued this time Involving the so called Invigilators..
In Some Schools especially these private schools the Invigilators are without shame or fear showing Answers to Preferred Candidates , in some Instances read out Answers to the whole class
This conduct is defeating the whole purpose of Exams and more over its affecting our children who are watching these corrupt minded Individuals.. One particular Center in Simson Makeni this trend is going on where the teachers ( Invigilators ) under the guise of checking the particulars of preferred candidates , they Instead show them answers.
if mind pollution can start at G7 , what hope do we have for the nation..
ECZ please do something
Concerned Parent.

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    Mpundu 2 weeks ago

    Very serious and genuine concern! The corruption is starting at a very tender age in life in Zambian kids. By the time the kids are 20 years old, they are ready to rob the public purse without an inkling of conscience.!

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