ECZ is not independent, Attorney General tells court

ECZ is not independent, Attorney General tells court

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka this morning told the Constitutional Court that the Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ) was neither independent nor an autonomous body but is a government department.

The Attorney General Kalaluka submitted that the ECZ is not autonomous and but a department of government just like his office.

This is in a matter in which the UPND applied for an interim relief to amend some clauses in the main petition so that there is custody and preservation of election materials.

But the UPND lawyers argued that the Attorney General’s revelations and admission confirmed whay they have saying that the PF Government the ECZ connived to conduct an unjust and fraudulent elections since it was a government wings that was not independent.

Ruling in the matter was withheld and coming up on Wednesday at 14.30hrs.

Meanwhile the application to stop Lungu as president and to enable the speaker to take over as a

Acting President comes up tomorrow at 15.30hrs.

In another development PF lawyers have refused to be served with the UPND application to have president elect Lungu step aside and allow the Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini act as Republican President as they claim that they don’t have instructions from Edgar Lungu.

During the court PF lawyer Sakwiba Sikota confused himself when he advanced an argument for the 3rd respondent (ECZ) when he is a respondent for the 1st (Edgar Lungu) and 2nd respondent (Wina Inonge).

Meanwhile the 14 days for the main petition has not started as they will start when the main petition of presidential elections come up, according to some lawyers .

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