ECZ IT director arrested

Forged president  Edgar Lungu has ordered the arrest of Electoral Commissioner of Zambia (ECZ) Director of IT Department Brown Kasaro.

Kasaro, who is currently detained at Woodlands Police station, revealed a secret operation,  that he was forced by Priscilla Isaacs to give express access to a Ugandan IT fraudster to the restricted ECZ results receiving, totaling and tabulation room at Mulungushi Conference centre.

Alert UPND members removed a Uganda national a codenamed Chavula who was purporting to be a Zambian from the restricted room at Mulungushi Conference centre during the counting of votes.

When asked what the Ugandan was doing in the restricted room since he was not a member of staff for ECZ, Chavula revealed that he was given access by Kasaro.

But Kasaro revealed that he was against giving access to the Ugandan but Priscilla Isaacs forced him to give accreditation to the Ugandan ICT elections rigging expert.

Kasaro has been missing from home for a few days now and the family members did not even know his whereabouts.

But surprisingly, Priscilla Isaacs has not been arrested despite the massive evidence linking her to the scam and the Ugandan ICT guy who was arrested has since been released.
A number of people who were involved in the unprecedented rigging and manipulation of votes  have gone missing while others are committing suicide or being killed yet others are confessing.

The state is also panicking as they are now busy hunting some of the returning officers with a view to force them to sign the ECZ form 12s which they were not given during the counting process.




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