ECZ nods regional power interconnector

The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has approved the development of the Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia 330kV Transmission Line Interconnector by ZESCO Limited

ECZ Principal Information and Communications Officer Irene Lungu confirmed to ZANIS in Lusaka today that the Namibia Power Corporation (Nampower), Zimbabwe Electricity transmission Company (ZETCO), Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) and ZESCO Ltd of Zambia propose to develop a 400-600MW transmission interconnection, called Zimbabwe-Zambia-Botswana-Namibia (ZIZABONA) Interconnector.

Ms. Lungu said the project will compliment the Caprivi Link Project developed by Nampower and ZESCO and explained that the interconnector will link the Namibian, Zimbabwean and Zambian electricity networks in the north-western part of Namibia, western part of Zimbabwe and southern part of Zambia.

Ms. Lungu said on the Zambian side, the ZIZABONA project will involve the construction of a 10km long 330kV transmission line from the border with Zimbabwe to a new electrical power substation on Mukuni Road.

She said the line will have a 50m long way-leave. It is about 6km East of Victoria falls on Mukuni Road and about 2.5km West of Mukuni Village.

The line will run from the crossing point tower in the gorges of the Zambezi River to the boundary of Property No. 9359, straight through traditional land then into the proposed substation site (Property No. L/3870/m on Mukuni Road).

The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has also approved the setting up of a Waste Paper Recycling Plant in Chinika Industrial area, Lusaka by Asopalav Limited.

ECZ Principal Information and Communications Officer Irene Lungu confirmed that the factory will produce durable and presentable food packaging materials with an expected production capacity of 600Kg per day..

Ms. Lungu said the main products will be paper egg and fruit trays, paper plates, and hamburger boxes.

She said the raw material for this process will mainly comprise waste paper that will be obtained from various sources including any type of waste paper free from plastic coating and metal pins, such as used newspaper, old and torn books and journals, corrugated boxes, and kraft and white board cutting waste.

Fishtie Mining project at Kashime in Mkushi by First Quantum Mining and Operations Limited has also been approved.

This follows a proposal by First Quantum Mining and Operations Limited (FQMOL) to establish Fishtie mine located about 38 km north at Kashime in Mkushi.

The Kashime Copper project mining rights cover 3000 hectares of land. The ore body is predominantly an oxide and sulphide complex.

ECZ Principal Information and Communications Officer Irene Lungu confirmed that FQMOL intend to mine 2.4 million tonnes of copper oxide/ sulphide which will provide feedstock to Bwana Mkubwa processing facility in Ndola at an estimated feed rate of 100,000 tonnes per month.

She said the proposed project aims at mining an average of 2.5% Acid Soluble Copper by adopting staged pit approach mining. The proposed open pit will cover approximately 30 km2.

The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has also approved installation and operation of Computerized Oxy-Acetylene Gas Profile Cutting Machine for Metal Fabrication and Processing of Steel by Macsteel Zambia Limited.

ECZ Principal Information and Communications Officer Irene Lungu confirmed that Macsteel Zambia Limited proposes to install a computerized Oxy-Acetylene Gas Profile Cutting (OPC) machine for metal fabrication and processing of Steel at Plot No. 3704 on Nyerere Road in the Light Industrial area of Kitwe.

The OPC machine is a low cost method of cutting two dimensional profiles from steel sheets and the cutting process is exactly the same as conventional hand held oxy cutting. OPC is widely used by fabrication and heavy engineering shops to cut profiles from metallic sheets (plates) for subsequent welding into fabricated assemblies.

Among other projects approved are the construction of Mufuchani Bridge across Kafue River in Kitwe by Road Development Agency, the setting up of Plastic Factory Manufacturing in Makeni, Lusaka by Sabistics Industries Limited and Installation of two 80 Cubic-Litre above ground Diesel Tanks in Mazabuka within Zambia Sugar Plantation by Total Zambia Limited.

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