ECZ official caught trying to rig

ECZ official caught trying to rig


Police at the Lusaka Civic Centre has arrested and detained an election official for attempting to altar an official document namely the ECZ Gen 20 without authority.

Gillan Mulenga of Matero and a polling staff at State House polling Station was arrested after alert monitors and agents got suspicious of his movements.

According to eye witnesses,Mulenga who kept on go in and leaving the totaling centre while making several calls was found with a bunch of ballot papers which he had altered.

“We found him with Mayoral ballot papers some of whose figures he had already changed.The movements were so suspicious and when challenged, we discovered that he had documents.Thats when we called the police and had him apprehended after he failed to provide convincing answers”, the source revealed.

By Press time,another person had also been picked for a similar offence and both offenders are currently detained at Civic Centre police post.

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