ECZ officials, PF continue electoral fraud

From Watermelon Intel

As the voting day fast approaches ECZ/PF personnel are more active than ever.

In kitwe a wonan named Dorothy Mwanza Sampa who is Assistant Returning Officer for Chimwemwe Constituency is going round collecting the final list of all ECZ personnel starting from Presiding officer way up to the Usher. She is telling her friends that the list is going to Office of the President.

This woman is Public Relations officer for Kitwe City Council. Why would she be collecting data for OP for all Constituencies in kitwe District when OP officials are every where?
She is working with Victor Mwewa the District Technical support Specialist who is a good friend and drinking mate of kitwe town Clerk
Another disgruntled named man Mr Halubono is involved in the Scheme.

We have names of all people involved and we are monitoring their activities. Dorothy is also coordinating other Districts. This is the Operation being run by Amos Malupenga and Kampyongo involving civil servants.

In Ndola we are monitoring the officials too and will give you a report later today.

You will also notice that 90% of the Polling agents who turned up for briefings by ECZ are opposition.
Why are PF agents not coming?

The reason is they have their agents in ECZ.

Opposition must watch ECZ officials.
Be alert and act on intel on real quick time.

Please! Do not reap our Democracy. We have lived this long in peace don’t send Zambia to war for selfish reasons.

All water melons must now be active and alert.

Pass information on time as PF government now has no time left to react on you and you will be safely and happily smiling in the new government.

Peace can easily be lost but difficult to retain if civil war breaks.

Our allegiance is to mother Zambia not Selfish leaders.

By Inteligence Water melon.

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