ECZ online voter registration is a big mess

ECZ online voter  registration is a big mess

There is something fishy going on with this online registration process. All of a sudden I couldn’t log on and my attempt to reset password says invalid registration number….. all this after I received a notification that my application was approved.

I have just done a new sign up registration with the same NRC and new password and starting to enter all the details all over again as though I didn’t complete the process. *This should not be possible in a database where the key field is my NRC*. Where have my original sign up credentials gone?

Besides, I am not the only one who has experienced this issue in that manner.

On inquiry with colleagues, I found out that six other people have said they have experienced the same thing, meaning it is widespread.

Others simply can’t sign in and passwords being rejected but the system says record exists

A database with the NRC as key field cannot allow this. In short, this confirms that the system is manipulatable.

These guys will duplicate our credentials and alter polling stations as they make new voters cards. Coupled with the fake NRC ‘s which they are making we are in trouble!

Concerned citizen.

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