ECZ please stop the rot

ECZ must begin to take its role seriously with regard to ensuring that peace prevails during the remaining electoral period to avoid disruption of the process, a development which if allowed to happen, could have far reaching consequences for peace and stability in Zambia. The ECZ thus must stop being disingenuous such as was the case a week ago when they asked political party leaders to sign a so called peace agreement without any prior serious and genuine engagement among the key players.

It is common knowledge that addressing the contentious issues is a pre requisite to the signing of any peace agreement, in fact it is the centre piece of any genuine peace agreement. Appending a signature to any document that is purported to be a peace accord and yet fails to address the underlying issues or root causes of violence or tension, is an absolutely meaningless exercise not worth the paper it is written on !

It is therefore very clear that the whole episode of the so called peace agreement staged by the ECZ just over a week ago does not serve any purpose whatsoever except to disingenuously try to malign the President of the UPND Hakainde Hichilema who in his wisdom and for very obvious good reasons could not append his signature to the piece of paper presented before him. We are alive to the fact that the whole aim of the highly politicised exercise was to discredit President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND as a whole, for the ECZ must have known fully well that HH, given his sincerity and genuine commitment to peace, would not fall prey to their well calculated evil scheme of trickery by signing a meaningless piece of paper that fails to address the core issues and pave the way forward to genuine peace.

The ECZ must begin to take the issue of violence very seriously rather than play politics of deceit, for should anything untoward befall this country during this crucial electoral period, ECZ and those they represent will be held accountable, as the blame will fall squarely on their shoulders.

Dear ECZ, what is required here is not to master the skills of dodging and ducking, but rather to urgently adopt a genuine comprehensive approach that brings all the key players to one round table with a view to comprehensively identify and address the root causes of the ongoing tension and violence, for failure to do so has potential for serious repercussions for the peace and stability of this country. We therefore wish to remind the ECZ once again that this comprehensive approach which is called GENUINE DIALOGUE is what HH has been calling for all along, for such a long long long time and we really cannot see what is so difficulty to understand here.

It is very saddening that with only two weeks to go before the crucial upcoming elections, the ECZ has failed to gain the confidence of the majority of stakeholders, all because the ECZ has chosen and continues to indulge in deceitful adhoc schemes which do not at all address the core issues, but meant to circumvent the cause for peace. What is even more disheartening is that the ECZ remains unphased in shamelessly maintaining its partisan posture as a proxy for the ruling party. ECZ MUST STOP SCHEMING !

We commend the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for not falling prey to the machinations of the ECZ and for outwitting all those with non ending deceitful dark corner plots aimed at maliciously portraying him as uncompromising and anti peace through their not so well thought out evil agendas !

We are fully supportive of the position that HH has taken regarding the so called peace accord because it is based on genuine commitment to peace and stability !


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