Four by-elections on same date

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says  the other four parliamentary by-elections which have been created in the past two weeks will not be held on the same date as the June 20th Feira by-election.

ECZ Spokesperson Cris Akufuna has explained to QFM News that this is because the nominations of the candidates for the other four expected by-elections cannot be done on the same day with those of the Feira by-election whose nominations date is 23rd May.

Mr.Akufuna says the Commission will today , May 14, convene a meeting to decide which date the four other by-elections will be held. This means the other four would be held on the same date.

He says so far the ECZ has received only three notifications for by-elections out of the four parliament seats that have fallen vacant.

Three of the four pending by-elections have been caused by resignations of MMD Members of Parliament who have join the ruling Patriotic Front while the other parliament seat fell vacant by nullification.

The vacant parliamentary seats include Kafulafuta, Mkushi Central, Solwezi West and Chipata Central.

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