ECZ says will print in Dubai no matter what

ECZ says will print in Dubai no matter what

The corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia says it will go ahead and print ballot papers in Dubai whether some people are happy or not.

ECZ spokesperson Crispin Akufuna claims Al Ghurair Printing and Publishing LLC of Dubai, which has been contracted to rig elections was the most competitive bidder of the two bidders that met the technical requirement as specified in the bidding documents.

Akufuna claims that of the 13 companies which submitted their bids at the close of the tender on 22nd January, 2016, only two bidders met the technical requirements.

He claimed that the Commission has strictly adhered to the provisions of the Zambia Public Procurement Act and is therefore extremely disappointed by utterances and accusations in the media by some political figures.

Akufuna says the Commission is further perturbed by accusations by FDD leader Edith Nawakwi that ECZ Chairperson Esau Chulu is colluding with the PF to rig the elections by printing ballots in Dubai.

He says representatives of the candidates for the presidential election will monitor the entire process of printing ballot papers at the full expense of the Commission as if it is important.

So far only ruling party and some unknown parties have expressed happiness with the ECZ’ s decision to print ballots in Dubai. The PF is happy because it is the one that has told ECZ to engage the Dubai company.

A lot of money is exchanging hands as most PF and ECZ officials have bank accounts in Dubai where they stash proceeds of corruption.

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