ECZ should be serious with registering voters

ECZ should be serious with registering voters

Waking up this morning I had a full mood to register as a voter, I have passed through Jungles and it has all gone in vain, I did the online voter registration on the very day it was launched, I have been patiently waiting to complete my registration today at the polling station I chose KIZITO primary school here in George Compound.

At the named polling Station, people in my compound gathered in number from 06hrs waiting for ECZ, I thought it’s just early for ECZ was no where to be seen with unknown reasons, I waited and waited till 09hours and the ECZ where not showing up till my friend advised me to go to a nearby polling station named Kasamba.

I managed to move to Kasamba by bus, and was very happy upon my arrival for I only saw there where few people, my dear citizens, it take about 25-30minutes just to register one person, I blamed the one operating at this same polling Station and I had to move to the other one and this now MATERO SEC. SCHOOL, I thought there will be atleast a little bit change, to my supplies, it’s all the same.

The ECZ registration process is more than slow, I don’t think we will all get registered in this short period given, ECZ should look onto this matter to atleast bring extra 2 ECZ staffs in every polling Station to rescue us from this issue as we are all interested to cast our votes in the coming general elections, as I am talking, I have given up for today and will atleast try again tomorrow.

If really ECZ needs citizens to be registered, kindly let them act on this matter, the process is very very slow.

Mr. Great.

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