ECZ should come out clean on PF underage voters

ECZ should come out clean on PF underage voters

The position taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs and ECZ to dismiss the circulating pictures of underage voter registration and NRC registration as “staged” sounds more of a cover up than an investigation’s finding. Here is why the Ministry and ECZ are mischievous in all this:

1. It is disingenuous for the Ministry of Home Affairs to accuse UPND of staging the pictures before investigations are concluded. It is premature for the Ministry of Home Affairs to make conclusions and it is a sign that they are guilty and want to divert the focus away from themselves. As they say he who farted, is the first one to finger point.

2. If preliminary investigation show that the pictures of under-age voters were staged, can the ministry provide evidence to that effect? It is shallow and rhetorical to just claim to have made preliminary investigations, and make a conclusion without giving the public evidence. It is this evidence that the public needs to prevent future fraudulent NRC registration.

3. Most of the pictures are captured in the northern and eastern provinces of Zambia. This clearly indicates that UPND is innocent in all this. We know only PF operatives are above the law and can carry out such fraud.

4. Everytime the pictures of underage voters emerge, the PF are always on the defensive. Why is it a political issue when it should concern every citizen when NRC issuance is porous and unvetted as it is today? PF have no genuine reasons to dismiss the pictures, unless they want to use the kids to rig elections themselves.

5. Kampyongo admitted in parliament that NRC registration had been accessed by foreign nationals. There is also evidence that children are getting NRCS without the company of guardians. The criminality is something the Ministry is aware of and has clearly abetted for obvious reasons.

6. Hon. Kampyongo has been dodgy in his responses to public concerns on the shambolic NRC registration and has given lame excuses like communication breakdown. This is blantant criminality that he will one day have to answer to. This is the worst minister of home affairs in the history of Zambia, northern rhodesia and the luba-lunda kingdom, worst of the worst.


1. Apart from complaining that ECZ is being discredited, what has ECZ done to restore the public’s and stakeholders’ confidence in ECZ. This is because the trust from the public has been falling since the mishandling of the last bye-elections?

2. Why is ECZ permitting the ruling party cadres to ambush registration centers and beat queues to register their members at the expense of the general public who have spent hours on the queues?

3. What law will the ECZ use to deny Zambians an extended voter registration period?

4. Did ECZ foresee the limited personnel for voter registration and if yes, why didn’t they source funding from cooperating partners who have previously shown commitment to support our election?

5. Given the failure to manage the registration process, is this an indication that we shall have similar problems during the elections? Are Zambians going to experience delays in UPND strongholds and early voting in PF strongholds? What gurantees can Mr. Nshindano give to Zambian NOW!

6. Is your failure to analyse registration numbers by provinces a sign that ECZ is not computer literate? Or we have at our hands a weak database that could affect the elections?

7. If the ECZ is currently underfunded, what funding requests have you made to cooperating partners to meet the current shortfalls?

8. Do you regret the new registration process considering it has be time wasting, disenfranchised old and poor people in rural areas and has produced a poor quality voters card?

All Zambians have seen and witnessed the deliberate manipulation and injustice in this process, the only consolation is that ultimate justice belongs to GOD. The powerful manipulators in the deep state only have big heads, but their wisdom can’t fit in a skull of an ant.

Richard W

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