ECZ should stop trying to discourage people from voting

ECZ should stop trying to discourage people from voting


A time will come when we shall say we tried our level best but things couldn’t just go our way.

Honestly a normal person can even justify the no sense going on in our country in the name of National Voter Registration Exercise.

It really pains me to see the attention (useless) both local and international stories get at the expense of real issues affecting us directly in one way or another.

From international elections to an international funeral,what next? By the time the so called Ginimbi will be getting buried ECZ would have reduced the number of days for the voter registration exercise.

Can we be serious for once as a nation please.

Let’s ask the following questions as a nation please.

1-What is ECZs budget for this year’s Voter Registration Exercise?

2-Why is laminating being done by hands?

3-Who supplied ECZ with the equipment being used in this year’s Voter Registration Exercise?

4-Why are we having only 1 person at each polling station to do all the work?

5-Why is the system slow now to a point of capturing 2 people in 3 hours at a point when the exercise is in full swing, didn’t they test the equipment before?

6-Why did we register online if we still have to spend hours in the que under the scotching sun?

7-Why is the exercise not taking place in some areas and some polling stations?

8-Why are most polling stations not clearly marked to indicate that such an undertaking is going on?

9-Why using gensets at polling stations equipped with electricity?

10-With all these irregularities,will ECZ manage to capture 9 million voter’s ahead of the 2021 polls?

Soon we should be expecting a scandal as a nation and all todays complaints over the voter registration will be a thing of the past. I won’t be surprised if we get one.

Quite heartbreaking mweh????

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