ECZ still dilly-dallying announcing Katuba winner

Confused and disappointed, ECZ officials were by 08 hours this Wednesday morning still refusing to declare Katuba parliamentary by-election UPND candidate Jonas Shakafuswa winner.

The UPND won the election in all the 32 polling stations with huge margins and the results certificates were issued for all the 32 polling stations last night.

The results that were still being awaited are as follows: Mbosha UPND 124, PF 80, MMD 44, UNIP 0, NAREP 1, NRP 3, ABZ 2.

Kanwanjiba UPND 114, PF 84, MMD 3, UNIP 3, others 0

Namayani UPND 216, PF 37, MMD 34, UNIP 1, NAREP 17, NRP 0 , ABZ 8.

The final result on the ECZ papers at the tallying centre show that UPND got 4695. PF managed 2658. MMD in third position got 646, NAREP, (Elias Chipimo’s party) 387 and ABZ (Fr Bwalya’s party) 177. UNIP 23.

The PF had these final results from their parallel voter tabulation by 21 hours yesterday and president Michael Sata was given the bad news even as he was leaving the country.

But the ECZ was in the morning still refusing to declare Shakafuswa winner claiming they are still wating for a chopper to bring in results three more polling stations.

The returning officer who is supposed to announce the final results earlier on just sat with hands between his legs and told people at the centre that ” I don’t know what I should do, may be unless I receive instructions from the higher offices”.

But PF election agents and supporters have already abandoned the totaling centre.

The UPND is keeping vigil and watching closely each and every move made by  ECZ.

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