ECZ suspend voters registration exercise at Show ground to minimise PF rigging

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has finally bowed to opposition political parties pressure to suspend the on-going voters registration exercise at Lusaka’s Show grounds.

Sources said following a heated meeting with political parties last week, it was agreed that the exercise should either be extended to all parts of the country as provided by law or be suspended because it was a conduit for election rigging used by the ruling PF.

Sources said the opposition parties proved to ECZ officials that there were so many people from other towns who had voters cards in the just ended Livingstone and Mpongwe by-elections that did not appear on the ECZ registers but were allowed to vote.

The Watchdog first revealed that ECZ in connivance with the ruling PF were shifting voters from one constituency to wherever there will be a by-election. See story here 

The meeting also agreed that no more updates on voters registers should be done at Show grounds unless they cover the whole country.

The forth-coming Lukulu West and Kapiri Mposhi by-elections will now be based on old registers.

It is hoped that with the suspension of the on-going voters register at Show grounds, PF will now have to rely on violence and massive vote buying to win elections.

Watchdog investigations have so far made headway in revealing the place and company where PF print their own voters cards which are used in by-elections despite the people not appearing on voters registers.

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