ECZ to hire new director, but wrongly as usual

ECZ to hire new director, but wrongly as usual

The Electoral Commission of Zambia is about to hire and appoint a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). We are reliably informed that the top contender on the list is Patrick Nshindano, who is currently head of Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR).

But stakeholders have complained that Nshindano may not be the right candidate.

‘We can tell you without a doubt that this is yet another circus ECZ is creating. A man who lacks experience on elections will not only mismanage the election but will also put the country on a very dangerous path. We have no faith in Patrick and the fact that Esau Chulu continues being the chairperson makes us extremely skeptical,’ stakeholders said in a note to the Watchdog.

‘What we suggest is transparent recruitment process by consulting firms such as Deloitte or PWC. The position should be advertised, people should apply and be shortlisted. At this stage, preferably the ECZ CEO should be an expatriate to ensure the independence of the commission. Until such a time that the ECZ will have restored faith in the general public, the institution must be run by an expatriate. The law is clear on who the CEO of ECZ should be and it does not exclude the fact that an expatriate can be ECZ CEO,’ according to stakeholders note .

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    Chilyata 2 weeks ago

    There’s nothing like Zambian democracy but simply Democracy! Just because there is no fair play in Zambia doesn’t make it a democratic state but a Dictatorship! So, there is no need of having elections since the result is predetermined; otherwise what’s the point of wasting resources on a determined outcome. 
    To make matters worse, Zambians are cowards and even outrightly docile! How can you let crooks like Kaizar Zulu, Edgar Lungu, Senile Inonge Wina, Chilufya, Chitotela, Sokos, defunct Amos Chanda, etc bring the whole country down like that? Your defence forces and police are watching such foolishness with their naked eyes but only act to intimidate civilian individuals leaving the fake politicians to steal willy nilly!
    Still shocked with such high levels of docility in Zambians – unbelievable!🤓☺️😫🥶

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    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    The author of this article (why is there no name mentioned?) clearly has no idea how “democracy Zambian style” works. The ECZ is always in the pocket of the current government, in this case Lungu Liar, just to make sure that next election will deliver the desired result. Asking for a transparant procedure or – God forbid – an expatriate, is never going to deliver that desired result. No, Lungu Liar will make sure that ECZ chairperson and CEO are firmly PF appointees so nothing can go wrong……..