ECZ voter register full of dead people, duplicate names

ECZ voter register full of dead people, duplicate names


image imageThe Electoral Commission of Zambia has been very reluctant to release the Voter’s Register to the stakeholders because it is now clear who the commission is working for and certainly not the people. The Commission does want to give very little time for scrutiny of the register, leaving the opposition with few options right before the elections.

Nevertheless, the Watchdog has managed to get a copy of the much hidden register and at first glance, it is evident why the ECZ has been hiding it.

The register contains names of people who have been dead for more than 10 years now, while also duplicating names of others with very minute changes like clothing in the passport size photos or birthdays.

Some typical examples include:

1. Musangile Helena.
Same person appearing with two different pictures. The NRC has been slightly altered with one reading 149275/67/1 while the other reads 149275/57/1. One entry has a full birthdays while the other entry only shows the birth year.

2. Mwalumina Dickson and Mwalumina Elizabeth.
Both have been dead for quite some time now for ECZ to make an error. It can only be a deliberate error that explains this with sense.

3. Mwampokota Mailess.
She has two entries with the other entry altering her first name to Maria. Two different pictures are used and her NRC is also altered.


It is very sad that the ECZ has chosen to take such a route. This commission, with the people running it, will be solely responsible for bringing fire on this nation. To make matters worse, Priscilla Isaacs is not even Zambian but is in the forefront of destroying our beloved Zambia. Akufuna is just another arrogant and cheap man who has lost all integrity for the sake of his belly.

Let the so called Independent ECZ release the register NOW!!!!‎

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