ECZ warns of postponing elections if there is violence

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has warned that it has power to postpone the January 20th 2015 presidential by election if political parties engage in political violence.
ECZ Director Priscilla Isaac told ZNBC Sunday that political parties should stop engaging in violence and disorderly conduct and allow people to make their own choice on who to vote for.
The Patriotic Front has been engaged in violence among themselves as they fight to take over the leadership of the PF following the death of president Sata.
The PF has however extended the violence to opposition parties and members of the general public in an attempt to derail the opposition from campaigning as PF is yet to find a candidate and are still engaged in daily political drama and gymnastics.
And Machete welding PF cadres disturbed traffic and damaged one bus along Independence road Monday afternoon as their leaders were locked in a meeting at State House where they were ‘arm-twisting’ each other in a power struggle which acting President Guy Scott now says is making Zambia appear ‘foolish’ before the international community.

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