ECZ will bring problems to zambia

Dear editor
for months now i have been following the moves being taken by those in government the patriotic front all in an effort to win the forth coming elections. i just want to ask the electoral commission of zambia to withdraw the tender of painting ballots to a dubai company just to keep the respect of the institution.we know that there are some officers at the commission who hav been compromised and want to help pf in bring problems to zambia please we only have one zambia and nowhere else can we call home. this evil company called timor has helped in discrediting electoral bodies in botswana. uganda. sudan. congo republic. in all these companies they have done the following:
1. print extra ballots.
2. use of military airbases to bring in pre marked ballots. in zambia they r likely to use mbala so that they have more votes in their strong holds.
below is evidence that the same company in dubai together with timor was involved in manipulating election results in uganda:

by   Joyce Nakato

The Electoral Commission has kicked off the printing process of the ballots that are to be used in the 2016 general elections.

Commission spokesperson Jotham Taremwa has revealed that the printing process is to take place in three different countries; Uganda, Dubai and South Africa.

Taremwa notes that the printing processes will be overseen by a team of over 20 people from the commission under the supervision of the commission boss himself Eng.Dr. Badru Kiggundu.

In order to ensure that the ballots are properly printed so as to meet all the requisite security details.

“The commission is sending out teams to supervise the printing of ballot papers that are going to be used for the 2016 elections.

We have to ensure that the companies to do this job print ballots that meet the required standards, including all the special features that are required on these ballots.”
let the opposition wake up and partition ECZ with these concerns otherwise this election is compromised already. i call upon the donor to take keen interest in their money and if possible and if ECZ goes ahead then they can withdraw their money.

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