Edgar Lungu acting president, Luo Finance minister

Edgar Lungu acting president, Luo Finance minister

President Michael Sata has left the country for China. Sata is accompanied by his uncle and Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda who normally acts as president whenever Sata is out of the country.

President Sata has this time left the instruments of power with Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu. The temporary power transfer was signified as Sata boarded the plane by military commanders and police chiefs saluting Edgar Lungu.

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott, Justice minister Wynter Kabimba and Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba are all in the country.

This could be yet another message to Kabimba, Fred Mmembe, and Mutembo Nchito that their bid to succeed Sata has been rejected.

Mr. Sata has further isolated the cartel by distancing them from the key Ministry of Finance which he has given to someone from the Nkola Foundation, Nkandu Luo, who is also their relative.

According to the PF Central Committee hierarchy, Wynter is far more senior now than anyone left in the country only second to Guy Scott who does not qualify to act.

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