Edgar Lungu annoys Barotse Royal Establishment

Edgar Lungu annoys Barotse Royal Establishment

The Barotse Royal Establishment BRE has expressed discontent with  Defense Minister Edgar Lungu for visiting Barotseland and addressing her residents without firstly paying a courtesy call to the Royal court, the Kuta, as the Lozi custom demands.

Appearing on local radio Lyambai in Mongu Friday evening, the BRE also demanded an apology from the Lunguover the statements he issued over Maonyamo habour where he accused the traditional leadership of being the problem hindering development by refusing to lease the Maonyamo land to the Zambian Government.

The BRE expressed disappointment over the manner in which Lungu bypassed the royal authority and went straight to address Maonyamu residents without paying courtesy to the Kuta and the Litunga, king of Barotseland, who is the owner of the land.

In Barotseland all land belongs to the Litunga and his subjects and his people.

Induna Inete Akapelwa Silumbu, on behalf of the BRE warned the Government that any matter to do with the land in Barotseland must be obtained through the BRE.

He has reminded Lungu that although the Lozi people were a peaceful people, they were capable of reacting if provoked beyond their limit. He said no amount of intimidation or threats will deter the BRE from defending the Litunga’s land.

This was in a joint press statement issued in the Ngambela’s Kuta by the kuta of Saasikalo and that of the Ngambele monitored by Radio Lyambai

Last week Edgar Lungu was reported to have ordered Zambia’s Western province administration still operating in Mongu to prevail over the BRE to release that land ear marked for the construction of a modern Habour, implying that the BRE were the reason why that particular developmental project had not yet been delivered by Zambia’s Patriotic Front government.

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