Edgar Lungu bounces, regrets beer party cancelation due to national mourning

Edgar Lungu bounces, regrets beer party cancelation  due to national mourning

edgaThe Extravagant Zambia Prisons Service senior officers’ annual ball that was scheduled to take place on Friday 8th February at the tennis club in Kabwe was unceremoniously cancelled due to the national mourning declared by President Michael Sata in respect of the 55 Chibombo Post bus accident victims who perished on Thursday, but habitual drunkard home affairs minister Edgar Lungu tried to resist the cancellation.

Sources from the prisons service told the Watchdog in Kabwe that the annual ball was initially supposed to be held in January but was later shifted to two dates in February and that the prisons service had spent a lot of money in preparing for this event and wonder if ever they shall have it again.
According to the source, over KR1 million was spent on food, drinks, event decorations and acquisition of TV sets and fridges for the event at which Lungu was scheduled to be the official guest. “When word went round the command that the head of state had declared a national mourning, the minister tried to convince the prisons commissioner that the event goes ahead but I think the command was also fearing for the repercussions so they communicated with state house and that was how the minister relented,” said the source.
The source also revealed that despite the cancellation, Lungu still made it to the venue of the event but was told that the event was never to take place. This left Lungu and some other beer happy officers sad and received the sad news of the national mourning with disapproval.
Some of the huge costs that the service encountered were on paying for event management where a number of companies were contracted to decorate and provide tents, chairs and toilets for the event which according to the source was one of the most extravagant annual balls ever held.
The food and a few alcoholic beverages were given to relatives of the deceased but the bulk was taken to be shared among the officers.

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