Edgar Lungu claims his friends have asked him to contest 2021 elections

Edgar Lungu has stated that he wants to contest the 2021 presidential elections because his friends want him to do so.
Speaking when he featured on a special interview on the PF controlled ZNBC today, Lungu said he was not causing any controversy by announcing his intention to contest the 2021 polls.
He claimed that the opposition was scared of facing him in 2021 because he is popular across the country.
‘I want to stand because my friends have asked me to stand so that we continue with the projects,’ Lungu claimed.
Lungu further said if the law says he is not legible to contest elections again then the earlier the decision is made the better.
‘If the law says you can’t stand bwana, the earlier they say so the better so that we find a substitute,’ Lungu said.
Earlier in the day confused former priest Frank Bwalya said Lungu will be asked or compiled to contest the 2021 elections by PF members.
The Zambian constitution does not allow Lungu to contest the 2021 elections as he is serving in the presidency for the second time but his sponsored minions took the matter to the constitutional court to determine his eligibility.


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    Rasco 3 months

    Such kind of ignorance from a person who is supposed to be a lawyer by profession can not be allowed. He should just be booted out. Time is up for him.

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    Omie 3 months

    I thought Lungu was a lawyer, he should know better than anyone else on weather he eligible for rent election or not.

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    Which friends who don’t read the constitution bwana? The constitution says NO you have been sworn in twice, TWO TERMS! your friends will just finish their money bribing concourt judges for nothing at all.

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    The friends are protecting their own interest by asking you to stand. They feel their businesses are safe and protected if you are in office.It means their dealings are fraudulent. You are the one to advise your friends that the Zambian constitution does not allow you to stand. Would you break the law on account of your friends Mr. President? If the constitution allowed you, your friends would not even be asking you to stand because standing would have been automatic. They are asking you to stand because they know that you can use your power to flout the constitution and stand for Presidency while knowing you do not qualify.

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      FuManchu 4 months

      Thats the problem among some Zambians as those advising and urging Lungu to stand against the provisions of the Constitution have an inferiority complex which makes them non aspirational for leadership roles, they are content (mediocre) worshipers of Lungu as an irreplaceable leader! President Lungu too seems blinded to the fact that he is bestowed with the legal profession to understand the Constitution better but wants to behave as a layman! Come to think of it does it not vindicate Brig General Miyanda who advised the president on signing the amended Constitution with closed eyes?

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    Precious Mbuto 4 months

    Lungu needs to take care becuase some people who say they are his friends are not. se the zngryminerzccm blog!

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    KUDALA 4 months

    ‘I want to stand because my friends have asked me to stand so that we continue with the projects,’ Lungu claimed.Better say “i want to stand to continue chewing with my friends!!”

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    His abandone de constitution he cnt listen n follow it now,is now listening n following his friends who wil run away from him wen dat time of Quastioning comes,mr president those friends of yours who r telling u 2 go 4 third term r not yo true friends.yo true friends r we de majority zambians who r telling u 2 leave office wth honour in 2021.bt its up 2 u 2 listen now n defuse this noise of third term.o contiue 2 yo distractive friends of yoz who r after de money from u

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    Mr President dont waste our time by hitting de bush we zambians knows wat u want n all these confusions r caused by u Mr President,zambians now know u better.de world now know u better,n JEHOVAH GOD new u b4 u were born n de same JEHOVAH GOD has now shown us de kind of person u r,de zambian constitution de one u yoself signed n evn mocked us zambians dat we dont read.bt it seems it is u who dont read.i 4 one wth my 4 family members wth de people who voted 4 u 2 times in 2015n 2016 hv made up our minds nva 2 vote 4 u not evn yo party PF/MMD.RB-Mutati nva bwana.am mu konboni come n c hw people r suffering,RB ws decieved by ma sweet MA lole POP,bt he cryed u wil cry,me n my family r waiting 4 watever yo concourt judge friends r going 2 say n we o know wat thier going 2 say looking at yo comments of late,bt we geared 4 u mr edger chagwa lungu.am waiting 4 -2021 elections not of wat yo judges wil say coz zambians already know wat they wil say,i wish voting ws tomorrow,JEHOVAH GOD wil see us through,GOD b blessed

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      Bapompwe 4 months


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      Nervian 3 months

      Good one!!!!!!