Edgar Lungu got US$15,000 from Mulungushi Textiles Investor

President Edgar Lungu got $15,000 (about K80m then) for his 2015 Presidential campaign from the Tanzanian businessman Gulam Dewji who has taken over Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe.

Dewji, a Tanzanian of Asian origin is the chairman of Mohamed Enterprises Textiles Limited (METL) which has been given a lease to run Mulungushi Textiles but has failed and is now selling imported fertiliser at the factory, stripping the machinery and wants to get some flats contrary to the lease agreement.

The money was collected by PF cadre Emmanuel Chilubanama from Dewji’s agent Aurora Singh. Chilubanama has since been appointed as Permanent secretary at State House and is also a board member in Mulungushi Textiles while Singh is overseeing the clandestine asset stripping and sell of fertiliser at the plant.

Following the cash exchange which took place during the PF convention last year, Lungu promised to revise the lease agreement in favour of METL after winning the election.

The Zambian government owns shares in Mulungushi Textiles through the Ministry of defence and sources have said that the scandals surrounding the giant textiles could be the reason Lungu continues to be defence minister.

“They have to mop that Mulungushi scandal otherwise he cannot appoint anyone at the ministry of defence or he may have to appoint a very warped puppet to conceal the deals but then this is as good as selling the people of Kabwe and Zambia,” said the source.

We challenge Chilubanama to explain his visit to the factory in a Toyota Land cruiser ALX 1443 on the night before the convention.

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