Edgar Lungu in Mongu tomorrow

Defence minister Edgar Lungu is expected in Mongu Western province tomorrow, Saturday, according to information being circulated to the public in the provincial capital.

Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) staff were ordered to go round the town Friday morning and tell people to turn up in large numbers to welcome the PF secretary General at the airport.

Zanis told members of the public that after welcoming Lungu, they should gather at Bluegums so that he can address them.

It is not clear what exactly Lungu will be doing in Mongu this time around but Watchdog contacts on the ground believe that he wants to launch the independence celebrations, and more specifically to counter the campaign by separatists that people that side should ignore independence celebrations.

The PF has mobilised hundreds of soldiers and police officers in Western province and these will be paraded as celebrating independence.


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